The Attleboro Ski Club

Twin Mountain, NH

Established 1959
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The Club and the Lodge

An effort was made by a group of local ski enthusiasts in the  1930's to start a ski club for the people of the Attleboro area. The rationing of gasoline in the war years interrupted the continuity of participation in ski trips to other areas. However, interest remained and local skiing and meetings continued. Increased participation and organizing of a cohesive group resumed in the post-war (WWII) years and has continued to the present time.



The Club and the Lodge (cont)

 The Club was incorporated in 1959 in Massachusetts as a non-profit sporting club, and a decision was made to lease a lodge in Conway, NH, with a view to either buying or building our own lodge in the near future.  After 2 years the membership overwhelmingly voted to change to the more challenging Franconia area and the Belfield property in Franconia was leased for the next 3 seasons.

A ski club with a lodge of it's own is an attractive proposition and, consequently, our membership increased, necessitating a larger lodge.

Our next move was to lease the Dubey's Supreme View Inn in Twin Mountain for the next 4 years. Supreme View Inn seemed to give the club members the desired accommodations and in May 1966, the club purchased the property. Members have extensively renovated the entire lodge, inside and out, to its present condition, with ninety percent of the actual work of re-wiring, re-plumbing, re-heating, insulating and decorating being done by the members.

Our primary purpose in purchasing the lodge was to ensure that all of our members would enjoy skiing to its fullest extent...but we have done more than that! The lodge is now in year round use, making full use of the advantages and resources of the natural surroundings.


We're proud of our club and lodge!!